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Senior Account Manager

UPT House, Yathreb Street, Amman, Jordan

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Senior Account manager will have overall responsibility for multiple clients.
and will be expected to monitor and support the team and other internal
teams to deliver and exceed the clients' service expectations and proactively
review performance and customer activity to improve overall clients


- Manage all internal communication to obtain all the required data.

- Manage all external communication, manage the account, briefs,

schedules and requests from clients.

- Take ownership and manage the client relationship, becoming

responsible for onboarding, bringing resources together through

effective communication, problem-solving, and responding to


- Ensure the creation of client briefs and, support the account planner

with drafting onboarding and implementation plans.

- Present and sell the work as well as cross/upselling clients onto a

larger scope of work.

- Ensure that project deadlines and budget are met, communicating

and seeking approval of any changes to these.

- Identify ways to grow client accounts through new business


- Earn the trust of the client, becoming their advocate.

- Keep the team and the client up to date with useful knowledge

around deliverables, timelines, and key performance indicators.

- Maintain accurate records of meetings, decisions, and next actions.

- Keep abreast of competitor activity and areas of business your client

base places with competitors.

- Review, maintain and update client process documents on a regular


- Pitch new clients and ideas frequently.

- Work directly with the Account Planners/Content Creators to improve

the content/campaigns.

- Supervise other account managers and monitor their technical and

personal performance.

- Organize the team task schedules and deadlines.

- Ensure that all deadlines are met, and all tasks are achieved.

- Self and team frequent development.

- Develop new communication tools and task organization tools that

will help the workflow run more smoothly.

- Frequent meetings with the team to keep on track all upcoming

events, tasks, and achievements.

About the Company

The house produces outstanding visuals, creative projects, offline and online marketing,
animation, graphic design, photography, and videography. As well as working in an
integrated environment within UPT, our human forces are our capital, we invest in their
capabilities and work together as one hand.

To sustain the quality of products and services we are meant to have our staff trained within
UPT to reduce outsourcing supplies and fully produce in-house. UPT is committed to giving
its clients an extraordinary journey towards their goals.

UPT's complete success comes from the growth of our clients, our image is our priority as
well as our clients.

Long-lasting partnerships are our main aim. With the collaboration of our highly experienced
professionals, UPT can reach its desired level due to the blend of talent, creativity, recreation,
art, and entertaining visuals.

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