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Reels Maker

UPT House, Yathreb Street, Amman, Jordan

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Reels maker main roles are to strategize and provide fresh, original ideas in order to produce reels that satisfy clients' expectations.


- Brainstorm and create interactive content in the form of reels..

- Strategize and plan reels’ content across social media to maximize reach.

- Edit reels and explore new ways to produce a higher quality outcome.

- Explore and look for relevant sounds.

- Good understanding of current trends and social media requirements.

About the Company

The house produces outstanding visuals, creative projects, offline and online marketing,
animation, graphic design, photography, and videography. As well as working in an
integrated environment within UPT, our human forces are our capital, we invest in their
capabilities and work together as one hand.

To sustain the quality of products and services we are meant to have our staff trained within
UPT to reduce outsourcing supplies and fully produce in-house. UPT is committed to giving
its clients an extraordinary journey towards their goals.

UPT's complete success comes from the growth of our clients, our image is our priority as
well as our clients.

Long-lasting partnerships are our main aim. With the collaboration of our highly experienced
professionals, UPT can reach its desired level due to the blend of talent, creativity, recreation,
art, and entertaining visuals.

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