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UPT House, Yathreb Street, Amman, Jordan

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

A photographer is responsible for taking photos from the perfect angles. Photographers should be very patient and know when the best time is to take a picture of their subjects in order to capture the most breathtaking images. Preparation and organization of the needed equipment before any photography session. A photographer saves the photos in the computer or portable memory devices so it can be edited by the help of technology and editing software programs later on.


- Enter jobs and organize shoots.

- Development photography long term plan.

- Build fruitful and effective relationships with team members.

- Artistic ability when taking any type of photos.

- Analyze and determine how to photograph subjects.

- Strong attention to details to spot out any issues that may have to be fixed. 

- Photo enhancing software programs for quality enhancements. 

- Has great competence in photography techniques, styles, compositions and lightning.

- Make sure that the photoshoot environment is highly professional and comfortable to avoid building tension for the models.

- Make sure to be briefed from the account manager before any shoot. 

- Keep the shooting schedule sheet or document always updated by all information and details.

About the Company

The house produces outstanding visuals, creative projects, offline and online marketing,
animation, graphic design, photography, and videography. As well as working in an
integrated environment within UPT, our human forces are our capital, we invest in their
capabilities and work together as one hand.

To sustain the quality of products and services we are meant to have our staff trained within
UPT to reduce outsourcing supplies and fully produce in-house. UPT is committed to giving
its clients an extraordinary journey towards their goals.

UPT's complete success comes from the growth of our clients, our image is our priority as
well as our clients.

Long-lasting partnerships are our main aim. With the collaboration of our highly experienced
professionals, UPT can reach its desired level due to the blend of talent, creativity, recreation,
art, and entertaining visuals.

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