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Fashion Model
Welcome to
the most viewed Cast List
in the MENA Region.
Whether you're looking for a Hand Model or a professional actor/actress, welcome to the MENA Region's most-viewed cast and models list.
Terms of use
of the UPT House's cast list:
- by registering yourself in the UPT House cast list, you agree to publish your information, contact information, allergies, skills, profession, social links, and personal photos to the public.
- You're by law not allowed to register other people unless you have an ECA (Exclusivity Consent Agreement) signed with them.
- Any applicant is solely responsible for the correctness of the information provided, and any defect in it may expose him/her to legal accountability. 
- After registration, if you wish not to be on the platform or to modify your information or photo, you can apply to delete or modify your profile from the list by sending an email request to
- If you are looking for actors or models to participate in your artwork, advertisement, or film, you can contact the talent directly to conduct the initial Audition, or contact the responsible party for coordination and reservations.
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