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social media marketing

UPT House was first established in early 2015. This establishment was expected to be the leading social media marketing companion in Jordan and has been growing rapidly over the years, the goal was to continuously raise the bar of advertising and marketing standards both locally and globally. The house produces outstanding visuals, creative projects, offline and online marketing, animation, graphic design, photography, and videography. As well as working in an integrated environment within UPT, our human forces are our capital, we invest in their capabilities and work together as one hand. To sustain the quality of products and services we are meant to have our staff trained within UPT to reduce outsourcing supplies and fully produce in-house. UPT is committed to giving its clients an extraordinary journey towards their goals. UPT's complete success comes from the growth of our clients, our image is our priority as well as our clients. Long-lasting partnerships are our main aim. With the collaboration of our highly experienced professionals, UPT can reach its desired level due to the blend of talent, creativity, recreation, art, and entertaining visuals.

Utilizing the latest technologies and scientifically proven techniques, UPT is committed to

assisting clients in achieving their business visions.

Is to make the brands stand out by generating and translating creative tactics above any land

and under any sky.

Ever since the beginning, UPT has built an excellent reputation and fruitful history, it has produced phenomenal journeys for clients and soon reached the external market. The UPT House concept was developed in 2012 when there was no alternative video production provider in Jordan nor in nearby countries. In 2015, Mr. Ibraheem Diab believed that there was a great opportunity to invest in his talent, and inspire other talented members to become a united production team under the name of UPT House. It was like a home for their inner passion, it embraced them to discover their talents and maximize their outcome for a successful and sustainable career. In 2017, and under the leadership of the mentioned founder and his partners Mr. Hisham Abu Eisheh and Mr. Basil Mfarrej, they developed UPT House and turned the vision into a mission of reality. While they were sharing their dream they faced uncertainties but nothing was standing as an obstacle or a barrier in their way of being fighters in this highly and aggressively competitive market, but they insisted on maintaining a consistent and constantly growing environment. As a result of the establishment of the marketing department in 2018, the team grew and specialized more in marketing combined with solid video production expertise, which strengthened and enhanced our strategy. In 2021, UPT House managed to establish a new branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At present, UPT House is creating excellent high-quality visuals and achieving marketing goals for small, medium and A class businesses. And after breaking a Guinness World Record, serving with the biggest governmental entities, Reinforcing agencies to escalate their clients, and providing training to youth power and investing in their personal and technical skills. UPT House is planning in the near future to become the hub for creatives and content developers in every city. In that regard, we now welcome you to the family! If you entered UPT House, we believe in you as being a great asset for our company and for us all to improve.

UPT favicon, the famous golden blade
UPT House Logo and it's indications

The team represented by the logo is one that is committed to producing solid work with

freedom to strike a balance that can have a positive influence and the drive to move forward

and believe in the process for improvement both locally and globally.

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